To be truly set free !!!

Are we truly free? Archbishop William Goh in his homily on Pentecost Sunday said that he does not believe there is any one on earth that does not believe in God. All of us want to seek the truth. As long as we only limit ourselves to this life ; everyone therefore will have the mentality that they want the best for themselves in this life and forget about the rest. This type of mindset or attitude will never set us free. The truth will not be revealed to us if we do not set ourselves free. Our hearts will always be restless until we rest in Jesus. We will continue to seek, continue to explore, continue to attempt, continue to wander, continue to wonder…… We will be tied down to our hurts , our assets, our possessions, our addictions, and I would add, even our successes. Well , the last one he did not say but I added it as I reflected on the overall message.

We can be addicted to our successes just as we can be addicted to pornography which afflicts many males ( a topic for another day). We will be addicted as long as our intentions are not well placed no matter what the activity is. I was particularly touched and moved to tears towards the end as he prayed a special prayer of deliverance to deliver us from our bondages and shackles from slavery. My thoughts went to a few people immediately whom I need to seek to forgive and be forgiven – my parents, my estranged brother  and even  my secular sister.

But for now, this article will just focus on my parents. My parents  – I need to forgive them because I have since the age of 18 sworn not to follow their ways or their attitudes or perspectives in life. I have harboured much resentment against them , up to the point when  I was looking for surrogate parents from my friends. I need to forgive them as they do not know that what they were doing was incorrect;  in their views, they thought that was  the best for their children. Little did  I know.  I  am sure they must be hurting but they do not know how to express themselves. I pray for their deliverance and claim the promise that Jesus will set them free. I pray especially for my mum who has harboured heaps of un-forgiveness and I know my dad is ready to go home as I have prayed with him to forgive and let go of any hurts that he might have. This heavy burden is with me every week when I visit them and sometimes I dread to visit them but the pull of filial piety more than love draws me there. Well, in a way, I have to thank them for this upbringing and moral direction.

So are we truly free or are we still always walking in the shadows of our past, our parents, our preferences, our personal baggages. ? The message of Pentecost is a message of hope – that HOPE above all is the solution to set us free. I am more and more convinced that HOPE is my charism and I am asked to be a HERALD of HOPE to a land of darkness, to an era of cynicism, to a divided world of ideologies, to a heart that is jaded, to a spirit that is broken and beyond…. Lord, do not bring us to the test but deliver us from every evil and grant us PEACE , the same PEACE that Jesus gave his disciples on that first Pentecost morning. I claim that PEACE Lord and want to be truly set free ! Amen !


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