Dear Heart . . .

Heart speaks to heart…dearest heart, I write to you tonight and ask to know you better.

You lie deep within my being.

You are the seat of all my emotions.

You are the central point, the crucial point and if I may say so, you are very important.

Jesus says that the words we speak, be they good or evil, come from the storeroom of our heart.

I often wonder, what is in you, dear heart?

There are times when you can be filled with so much kindness.

You can be so tender and so compassionate.

Those are the times when I tell myself that you are enclosed within the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

You, little heart, are nestled in the warmth and passionate love of the Sacred Heart for souls.

God loves you.

You lie within and there you beat in harmony with him.

You pulsate with love.

You are nourished.

You lie deep within, safe from all danger.

God is your refuge, your shelter, your strength.

Little heart of mine, be there within the confines of the Heart of God.

The Heart of Jesus surrounds you.

You are safe.

You thrive in the strength of his pure love.

You are pure.

You are holy.

You please the Divine Heart most of all.

Is that not wonderful?

Is that not beautiful?

But, and I have to say this to you, dear heart, you need to  keep watch and be vigilant.

The weeds are quick to grow.

Pride. Greed. Gluttony. Envy. Sloth. . . the capital sins. . .they are there in varying degrees.

Be careful.

Mind your defences.

Mind you don’t let there be any seepage . . . let nothing leak out.

Keep it pure.

Tend to your needs.

Let the word of God be your strength.

Constantly meditate on God’s holy word.

Little heart, you are precious to God.

I want you to know that.

Be good. Be pure. Be holy. Be vigilant.

Yours is God’s glory, God’s domain and only God must have jurisdiction over you.

Should you not keep watch, you will be sorry.

I’m writing to you tonight. . . a gentle reminder.

Create in me a clean heart, O Lord. . .Create in me a heart pure and steadfast.

Let this be your prayer.

Let this be your desire.

May God be praised!

Heart speaks to heart.

I speak to my heart, the heart that must have God and God alone as Master and Lord, as King and Saviour, as Guide and Friend, as Lover and as Comforter.

Heart speaks to heart.

This truly is the language of love.

19 September 2011


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