Writing Your Dreams

I attended a Dreams workshop yesterday. Imagine this – there are about 37 techniques, and I learnt only one. This technique based on story telling, however, is very good. I see that I can actually link it to our writing sessions. It works like this: you tell your dream. You tell it as if you are still dreaming. You use the Present Tense.

Here I am, with my family. We are going to church. To do so, we have to cross a road. We do just that. Safe on the other side of the road, we now find that we need to climb up a few steps. This is easily done. We almost skip all the way up, so thrilled are we to  be able to go to church. In a short while, we have reached the top.

Then I hear the voice of someone so familiar. It is the voice of Pope John Paul II and he is leading a meditation on one of the mysteries of the rosary. I hear his voice – so clear, so loud and so firm….

At the workshop which was really what one could rightly say was an appetizer, we were given input as a whole. Then we got into groups of three to share. The sharing was really good. We keep what we share confidential.

It is here that I think we can use it for our writing session. I am thinking of doing this. Please let me know if you are available, my fellow contributors to this blog, and we will see if we cannot have an exciting session.

I went away from the Dreams workshop with a grateful heart. How good God is! He has such wonderful and creative ways of connecting with us.


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