Just like yesterday

I open my eyes and I am in my parents’ house. A bungalow in a quiet part of the country. A place where I have spent the most part of my life, and my fondest memories of family and loved ones can be found right here. I am very happy to see my mom and my dad. I look at my parents. Dad still looks so handsome, and he exudes a kind of air that makes it clear that he is the man in the house. He always seems so have that no-nonsense look and yet I know that he will be the first to insert humour in a situation. He gives me a wink, like he always does whenever he is relaxed. Then I look at my mom. She is the one who loves me and shows her care and concern without fear of being accused of favouring me. I love it when she says to me, “Have you eaten?” This is a question that she always asks no matter what time of the day or night she sees me. I don’t take it literally. I know it is a standard question to show how much she loves me, and she would be quick to drop everything to put food on the table should I ever need to have something to fill my stomach and satisfy my hunger. 

 I am in my house, the house I grew up in and everything is so familiar to me – the furniture, the colour scheme, the messiness, the house just as it is. Nothing has changed. Everything is as it has always been. However, I am also aware that both my parents went home to the Lord years ago. But here I am, having a conversation with them, just like yesterday. Dad is silent. I ask my mother,  “How long have I been here already?”

She answers, “Seven days.”

I cannot believe it. Seven days already? I cannot believe my ears. It sounds so out of this world.

The next minute I see someone else, and it is my aunt. She is in her uniform, as if all dressed for work in her company. I look at her and I can see that she looks very much younger than when I last saw her. The thing is, my aunt too is no longer with us. She went home to the Lord several years ago. . . . 

Finally, I realise that I have been dreaming, and the dream is so real. It is as if I have gone next door to witness it all. The dream is so real. It is so vivid. The faces of my parents and my aunt are so real. It is unbelievable. I seem to have gone to another dimension and returned. What a dream!



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