Out of touch?

A thought provoking video came to my inbox today, and it set me thinking. This is not new. I remember articles I had used with my students, and the questions I had posed to set them thinking. But this time, I am the one who needs to do more thinking as I see myself using some social media more than before. Am I getting out of touch? I mean to ask if  I am losing the art of personal communication? Perhaps not.

It is frightful to think that the world of social media has reached such a state – a sorry state, really. We probably started to invent and use technology to keep connected. Think of the first telephone that was invented. Then we had other forms like email which took the personal touch out to replace it with speed.  It would not be wrong to say that social media are meant to link people and to keep people in touch, so much so that the world no longer remains a huge inaccessible globe but a village. The globe is unfamiliar largely and the village is supposedly friendly. People remain strangers in the world but they are friends and neighbours in a village.

But today, what has happened? I take public transport every day. I hardly see people talking. If they do anything at all, it would most likely be sending text messages or photos. The response is mostly a LIKE if one bothers to react at all. If not, one is likely to have one’s private life scrutinised and then superficially passed over.  It has come to such a proportion  that one does not seem to have much control over the entire situation.  I guess not everyone will agree with me. . .  and come to think of it, one really does have the means to make good choices. All in moderation may remain the  better option, but again, this depends much on the individual.  


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