The New Jerusalem

Peace and Beauty in the World, as  it is supposed to be as God has created it. Peace and Beauty, as it is in the olden days of the world.

Oh it is indeed Beautiful, a world so large and amazing, a world so beautiful and vibrant, a world so colorful and peaceful. It is a perfect world, the perfect paradise for mankind. Oh, it is just perfect.

Entrusted and brought to this world, we are  born free and here we will be free to follow God, the Father Almighty.

We begin our lives on this world as free people. We stay at peace in this world, and there are no wars or conflicts. Humans work with each other.

There is music; yes, great harmonious music and a great atmosphere in this world. Love, joy and comfort everyday. Between brothers, no one picks up a sword, or lives by a sword. No one turns on his brother. There is nothing else but peace.

And our King lives with us, near us, to rule over us, not with an iron fist, but with a hand of Love and Forgiveness.  He is God the Father,  the Son and the Holy Spirit. The incarnation. Christ Jesus who has guaranteed mankind’s salvation by his death and resurrection. And so the Holy Spirit guides us in this world.

This is not Earth, the Planet of Mortals, but the Kingdom of God, the New Jerusalem. Angels sing in the clouds, music from their harps, beautiful music never-ending. There is no death, no pain, no suffering, no Sin. No darkness, fear or anxiety for all these feelings have been taken away by the power of God’s grace and his brilliant light. There is calm, forgiveness and happiness in the Lord.

This is the new world, the world we long to be in – our paradise, our haven – Heaven, our promised salvation.


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