Writing to music

In our recent writing session, we were given an interesting starter to get us going. It seemed that it was a form of Wildman writing. In many ways, I have to say that I was rather surprised by my own writing when as many as 8 pieces of music and a couple of songs were played throughout the session, and we were told to keep writing. No pause. No time to ponder. No time to deliberate.   Each of the pieces came spontaneously. . .

It’s  lovely day and I’m so glad to be alive. It’s great that I’m here and I’m delighted that all my senses are working. Here I am with my heart open, open to the Spirit of God. I’m here.

It’s a lovely, lovely day. The music flows like water over me. Washing me. Cleaning me up. The filth is gone. The senses are working. I smell. Hmmm. . . . freshness. I see. . . . Ah, purity. I hear the bugles. . .the saxophone. . . the soothing music. Ah, smooth,  smooth flowing, flowing, flowing. I’m so glad I’m so glad So glad so glad to be alive. Alive. Alive.

Who are you calling? Are you calling me? Hey, let’s dance. Let’s dance. Let’s move. As free as birds in the sky. Free to live. Free to worship. How great our God is! Praise God! Thank God! This is such a lovely song. I’m free indeed. . . so keep writing.

Hey, hey, hey…te, te, te. What are you doing? There is no meaning. Just move. Move. Banana dance. Move. Banana dance. Monkeys don’t make sense. I smile to myself. I’m amused. I’m amazed. It’s such a wonderful, wonderful world. Who’d have thought this possible?

Ah…there is a song. The Bee Gees. I started a joke. Nostalgic. Who is speaking? You? Me? The world is. . . I look around. I see you and I am amazed. Who’s this? Oh, Clarence! Praise God! I’m distracted. . .

(One of the participants came in late, and so he missed the first part of the session)

Another song. Another mood. I’m just so amazed. The feelings in me run deep. A loved one dies. Tears flow. Tears flow. A loved one dies. A loved one goes home to the Lord. I’m here. I’m here. I’m here. I’m here. It’s me, dear Lord. It’s me, Jo. It’s me. It’s me. The voice goes on. . .

Hauntingly. . .  hauntingly the music goes on. Voices blended. Voices in harmony. I feel like I am surrounded. Enfolded in love. I’m so touched. Moved. Voices in harmony. Voices that blend. I’m here. I’m there. I’m everywhere. What is this? Who is this? It’s me. It’s you. It’s all of us. The voices are in harmony. They blend. They blend. They blend. They blend. And we are all enfolded. Captivated by the Voice that calls us to love. To love. To love. Be at peace.

No more talk of darkness. Forget all your pain, your sorrow, your misery. This is your day of liberation. This is your act of surrender. Surrender. It’s a time of release. It’s a time to let go. Be free. Be yourself. I can’t fathom this. It’s amazing! It’s true. Love surrounds me. Love captivates.


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