I dream. . .many dreams

I dream of many wonderful unexplainable and delightful matters. These are the things that no sane mind would think of. And please, this is not to say that when I dream, I go mad. Far from it. When I dream, I let go of all reasoning. I don’t use my thoughts to conjure what I want to dream about. It is not something that I deliberately write. It is just what we call a dream, and you know fully that a dream can be so amazing and out of this world. It is not like something you want to deliberately work on. It can  be a mix of things. It can be all jumbled up like what we call ROJAK. It is what we can also call a potpourri. Ah, it is like what Fr. Jude said this morning. I was fascinated, to say the least. I had not really considered it but now, on second thoughts, I must admit that it can be so exciting. Consider two  people coming from two different parts of the world. One comes from an ancient culture, as ancient as Egypt. But the other one comes from a place like tiny Singapore. A red dot on the map. An unknown island in the big ocean. Oh well! So what happens?

I dream that Singapore gets linked up to Malaysia. There is no more causeway to Johor. And Indonesia with all the islands join up with us. And then we are linked to the islands of the Philippines, the countries of China and India, Australia and New Zealand. This goes on and on and on and on and on and soon we are only one large land mass. It is Asia Oceania in one big chunk. And then we have a real potpourri of cultures, languages, races but only one faith in God. And we all go out to bring the Good News to other parts of the world. No more confusion. No more silly arguments or channelling of ideas towards destruction. No more escaping fugitives and terrorists.

Praise God!

I dream a dream. I dream many dreams. Each one not too far fetched. Each one a joy to recall. Each one not seen as feasible in the eyes of men, perhaps. Yes, I dream a dream. I dream many dreams. And all dreams are possible. . . . at least in one’s thoughts!


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