It’s Been Great Nine Years!

I never imagine that I would stay that long

At this place

Where I am surrounded by smart and intelligent people

Dealing with complex financial models and charts

Discussing national issues

About financial stability, banking regulations,

corporate governance, financial literacy,

macro-economic issues, prudential policies,

and many more complicated and technical matters.

I never thought

That I would enjoy working in this place

Which is quite bureaucratic

And structured.

Where there seemed to be no room

For creativity and flexibility.

Yet, it is at this place

Where I am proud to say that I have grown

And gained much

From the opportunities given

And the trust the bosses have in me.

It is here where I brought in ideas that were never implemented before

And given a chance to work on new projects

And start new things

I am grateful for the opportunities

To work amongst giants, the sharp minded and even the elite.

To even contribute to the development of Singapore’s bilateral relations

With its ASEAN partners.

Yet I always remember this,

The Lord gives, and

The Lord can also take it away.

So when I walk out of the door tomorrow

Being my last day here

I can only say,

It’s been great these nine years!

And I am thankful for the opportunities!