Watch your words

I am just wondering why there are so many people who would take the trouble to send trash to websites that allow for comments to be posted. While it is true that comments allow more sharing and affirmation, one also has to contend with cutting off those that are of no use to the reader. Just imagine a situation where it is free for all. One would be bombarded with nonsense for sure. The few who take the trouble to write worthwhile thoughts are therefore much appreciated.

It just reminds me of something on that wonderful evening with one of Singapore’s most acclaimed poets and writers. It was a time of sharing poems and stories. It was a time of listening to Dr Lee Tzu Pheng recite some of her poems and of having her share with us how her faith is part of her writing or rather, how it plays a part in her life and her work. An accomplished woman in her own right, she certainly speaks from the heart, and with that, she also  left us  with a very important point and that is: use your words carefully.

Use your words carefully.

We are exhorted to use the gift of words with care, realising that the gift of language is so very wonderful. It is an extraordinary gift that God has given each of us. We need to treasure it. We need to use it with care. We need to have respect for this gift and to do so is to use it for the right purpose. In short we are to be good stewards of what has been entrusted us. Whatever we do with  it, let it be for the glory of God. Do you send text messages? Do you write emails? Whatever it is, let us do it with care.

Yes, the Word of God exhorts us to be slow to speak but quick to listen. We are also warned against the sin of the tongue. Jesus himself teaches us that whatever comes out of a person is evil as it comes from the heart. If the heart has ill intentions, it speaks ill and so one sins with bad thoughts and vulgarities.

The tongue is a small organ in our body but it can wreak havoc. (James, Chapter 3)

I just pray  that I will be ever mindful and never sin with my tongue. I find that the best way to combat any thoughts that are not of  God is to immediately pray. I do believe too that when a person comes to mind, there is often a need to pray for that person. To pray unceasingly is a gift of the Spirit, and I thank God for the grace given. Let anyone who reads this and agrees with me say a prayer for all that we may be careful with our words and use our gift of speech with care. To speak with love and purity of heart is good. Praise the Lord!


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