Memories of RCIY: The Legacy

Today 24th August 2014 was the Rite of Acceptance for the RCIA 2014 Emmaus group. Our inquirers had their senses marked, to open their hearts so as to be able to  spread the good news with their hearts and minds.

My group is made up of Eugene, Shaun Nathan, myself (All three of us are “veteran” sponsors of the now disbanded RCIY), Melissa Kor, a new sponsor [4 sponsors]; Davindran, Yan Ning, Silea [Inquirers] and Dolynn [Our only candidate]. Still I cannot help myself but think of last year’s batch. . . . such  fond memories!

 During the signing of the senses, as I was signing for Davin, I was brought back in time for a while to last year’s Rite of Acceptance. Then, it was Jareth, my elect from last year, whose senses I had to sign.

I don’t know. Perhaps the age gap makes me feel ‘weird’ everytime I go for a RCIA session. In my group, there’s only Davin who’s 17 & Yan Ning who is 19. There are only three of us youth. In the 11am choir, all my fellow choir members are much, much older than me. Man, even my fellow writers are older than me. I don’t know. . .  is it just me or am I just thinking that I’m growing old too, going to a boring adult life?

I’ll just say, I miss the chivalry of youth. The laughter after jokes made. Things were much simpler, and maybe because it was a smaller number. Right now, I just feel this big age gap. Rite of Initiation for youths like me to Christian Rite of Initiation of Adults (RCIA). New Evangelization. But still, it is a good choice and there is much work to be done.

I miss the times we had fun together, the times we learned together. Who is Jesus?  The bond of friendship is tight indeed. I also know my mission of bringing God’s word is not at all a failure but a success in its own ways. I just met my friends, Phoebe, my fellow sponsor who recently left the sponsorship due to study commitments, Dom, my elect from last year’s batch, Maximilian who was my classmate from 2012-2013 batch, Maximus, my god-brother, Jude, my God-Pa, Shaun, my fellow sponsor & Joshua Jeremiah who had invited us for a barbeque party last Saturday  before he his enlistment for National Service this coming Sat. It was a good gathering for us there, though not the entire group came. By coincidence, I also ran into my former elect Denzel the next day on Sunday in Church. He was attending Mass. As I chatted with my former  student, I was saddened by the news that he wasn’t going for catechism classes. But still let me rejoice as the fire in his heart is still strong. Also in church sometimes, often on Days of Obligations, I see one of my former candidates, Joshua Elias attending mass with his friends. I thank the Lord for my mission ; if it is successful, all glory goes to Him! 

I hope and pray that all my friends whom I’ve met in this Faith Journey of three years are doing well and keeping faithful to our Almighty Master. The bond of friendship can never be broken.



One thought on “Memories of RCIY: The Legacy

  1. Nice to know that you enjoyed yourself so much with older folks like me. How do you think I feel with you young people? I feel charged and on fire. I love being with youths. Yours is the age of adventure and facing challenges head on with little fear. But we learn as we go along, and when you reach my age, things will be so very different. I was young once, like you. Praise God!

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