My love Poem to Jesus

Oh Jesus, you seduced me out from the inner depths of my heart and soul;

You lured me out so that I can know and understand the mystery of your love;

Your passionate love for me consumed me like a ball of fire;

One day without you is like a thousand years apart from you;

When our eyes meet, the look in your eyes is so mesmerizing, I just can’t take my eyes off you;

Oh Jesus, you totally besieged me;

Your caressing touch on my face and the way you stroke my hair is so comforting and consoling;

Your tender hugs and loving kisses on my forehead are so unforgettable;

Your playful cuddling and carrying me up like a little child is so memorable;

Oh Jesus, my beloved, my perfect lover;

You have taught me how to love others with such a loving heart;

Thank you Jesus for being the love of my life now and eternity.

Tenderly yours,

Sharon Chua (composed under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit during my prayer retreat)


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