Inevitable Death

Talk about the inevitable

Talk about death

It comes so suddenly, without any warning

It comes in so many ways

Death can cause one to be totally out of balance

Yet, it is the sure thing

The one thing from which no one can escape

So how does that make a difference?

How does that make things better or worse?

Death it was that once got me thinking

My own certain death it was that brought me to my senses

Rather like the Prodigal Son, one wakes up all of a sudden

One understands in a flash

Time to take stock, time to take stock

Delay no more

This might be your last hours

And so the thoughts came

and they are bearing fruit, bearing fruit



Time lost

Obey the inspiration 

Conversion needed

Keep working it out

True to your calling

Action needed

Keep working at it

Never look back

Grace of God

Praise Him, praise Him!



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