Singapore, my Homeland

Singapore or Singapura translated in the Malay language, The Lion City; The City of Kings. Singapore, my homeland; the place where I was born, the place I have always called Home.

Singapore has come a very long and perilous way, through that journey emerged a great jewel of the Future. From the founding of the island by Sang Nila Utama, the founding of the city port of Singapore by Stamford Raffles which is now a port of call since the colonial era, the two world wars that it went through as a colony of the British Empire, the call for self-governance, the communist threat, the founding of the city state by Lee Kuan Yew, the merger with Malaysia, the racial riots, and our separation from Malaysia which marked the start of our sovereign nation which would become, though small in land, the greatest, prosperous nation South East Asia has ever seen. We have come a long way indeed.

Our island state as all can see is very small, and rival nations can easily invade. However by good diplomacy, we have lived at peace with our neighbors for 49 years. It is great to be in a region, though near the Ring of Fire, our country has been disaster-free for almost forever. We are protected by the outlying lands of our neighbors, and in return, we supply them with aid and medical care when they have been struck by disasters. All of us, if not almost all are wealthy and sufficient. It is good to live in a place where one can live at peace and need not be afraid when one commits wrong for the arm of Singapore’s law is very long. However, these wrongdoers are forgiven and given a second chance to do some good for the community. It’s the best place to live indeed.

However,  it’s no perfect living and kind of crazy because all we ever do in Singapore to work. Work, work the whole day. But what can we do? All our resources had been used up in the past. Indeed we are viewed by the world as the most emotionless people and the most expensive city to live in. Trust me friends, it ain’t that bad. Our land lives up to the name “clean and green”. It is beautiful and sometimes I compare it to Heaven on Earth, at least almost. Our rulers are fair though many people would disagree with me but there are worse people . . . At least they try to work with their countrymen(& women) to advance the nation a bit, make it better than being just good.

Next year in 2015, we will celebrate our 50th National Day, our nation will be half a century old. It’ll be great to witness such an occasion and even better that I can live to see the 100th birthday of my homeland, a century old: even better. However, a threat approaches. We all have our many problems that a lot of us fail to witness the bigger threat that will be on our doorstep very soon if evildoers are not stopped by soldiers who fight for justice and freedom. The evergrowing threat threatens to take away our long-earned peace, freedom and democracy. If it does spread here, there will be a massacre. Then I will not have the choice but take up arms. KILL or be killed. I shall fight for my nation for the freedom, justice, equality that we deserve and for the sake of my loved ones. But now, let us pray that the ISIS would be stopped, that the false prophets of Satan who lie and deceive be brought to the sword for their sins and the people who are turned by these false prophets be redeemed and forgiven for they were poisoned with lies and know not what they do. May peace come upon the world.


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