Let us Bring Peace to the World

The inspiration that sparked my enthusiasm to write this article was another article  published in the Straits Times mobile app. This article was written by Saif Al-Azzawi, an Iraqi refugee living in Los Angeles. He wrote this article for Zocalo Public Square, an “ideas exchange” that is a project of the Centre for Social Cohesion at Arizona State University. What he wrote really struck me and inspired me to write this.

Mr Al-Azzawi wrote about how Iraq before the Gulf War and the rise of Sadaam Hussein was a westernised, secular country with an excellent education system and great health care. A rich and prosperious country. However when the hatchet was thrown, it became poor as what you see Iraq today, as what you see in war-torn middle eastern countries that were formerly rich. The Gulf War, The War on Terror, Conflict in the Holy Land and of course most recently the ISIS terrorist group who had if not killed (quickly) but massacred thousands if not millions of people in Iraq & Syria. This place, the Middle East, where my Lord Jesus was born, is now in great turmoil.

After reading this article, I questioned myself. What right does it serve for us to bomb our enemies? Well, at least combatants only as you have to kill first or be killed. But for air raids on buildings that civilians depend on is completely, to me, outrageous. Though we may mean a good intention to crush and punish wrongdoers in the name of justice and give them their penance as what deems fit, it seems we also harm innocent people.

War. Why is there war in the first place? Because sin has always been there and war is indeed caused by sin. In fact, when we sin or defy God & attempt to dethrone him, we create a mini-war with God. God will  always win by his humility, by conceding defeat and so, when  will we then began to realize how much he loves us?

Oh, the ISIS. A pack of marauding savage murderers. However, it is not them who are at fault. It is due to false words by false prophets, servants of the dark ones that the people who join such radical groups are easily lured to join. They are not at fault here, like the Romans who crucified Jesus 2000 years ago: Lord, forgive them, for they know not what they do. Only those who are truly evil-minded, the sons of the devil. When we find them, in the name of justice and of our Lord, we will send them back to the abyss from which they came.

Oh how I hate you Satan. Because of you, many innocent people have died, but died in the Lord’s name. James Foley, Steven Sotloff & David Haines and other victims who are now one with the Lord.  I do not fear, for one day soon the Light will shine over all. Your trickery, your empty show and of all the things I hate of you will be history. At this moment, the people of God will be triumphant, God victorious and the Kingdom of God everlasting peace. Darkness and Evil will be banished and the new dawn of light will shine.

For those who hate the ISIS to the death and think that all of them should be killed. . . Maybe as extreme as deploying nuclear weapons into the area to wipe this scum off the face of the planet. Do not worry for I also suffer this sense of hatred when I read about them. Right now, when I am at peace, this is how I feel. I believe that everyone, the sinners, at most deserve a second chance. Forgiveness through the power of God. I hope and pray that the ISIS will be stopped and the actual wrongdoers be brought to justice where else  the innocent people who have been poisoned by lies be spared and re-taught in the actual good and wise ways of the Islamic religion.

Let us pray, brothers and sisters, that this conflict will end. That fewer innocent people are killed and this  includes the people who have joined ISIS after being radicalised. The true perpetuators of such injustices be brought to the sword and the innocent sinners be given redemption.


Reference: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/opinion/more-opinion-stories/story/cry-my-beloved-country-iraq-20140912


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