Letting Go!

It’s never easy to let go

Of people whom we love dearly.

As a mother,

It’s difficult to let go of our children.

They want to be free,

They want to show that they can make it out on their own,

They want to be independent.

Yet as a mother,

I’m so afraid that they will be hurt,

Or harmed,

Or taken advantage of,

Or being in the wrong company,

Or being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Yet as the children grow into their teenage years and into adulthood,

The desire to be able to make their own choices

And be responsible for their own consequences

Becomes necessary.

For much as we love them,

We cannot be with them 24/7.

So like the bunch of peonies and roses in the vase,

The more space each flower has,

The more each flower is able to bloom to its full potential.

With heart in my mouth

I have to let each of my children go

To live the life that they chose

For I cannot live their lives for them.

I can only keep praying for them,

Keeping communications open,

And letting each of them know

That where ever they are,

No matter what happens,

I will always be there for them.

All they need to do is to let me know.

For I will always love them near and far.


2 thoughts on “Letting Go!

  1. Yes, just like God our Father, He let us be free to make choices regardless of whether they are good or bad. Yet, it is in the choices we make that we learn about responsibilities, about the value of relationships, about who truly love us, and most important of all, we learn that ultimately God is in charge. He watches with baited breath as we walk the path we chose. Yet, He still makes all things beautiful in His time.

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