4 September 2014 at 5.15 a.m.

Awake at a quarter to four

I’ve been gratefully praising you Lord

Thankful, ever so thankful, to be here

Here in this Beatitude Mountain, Taiwan

To sing your praises

To seek your holy will

To ask of you for the grace to be still

That I may hear you in the silence

That I may know for sure again and again

Your personal call for me to be all yours

I need to know, Lord God

Weak and frail as I am

Your child wants to be assured and affirmed

So help me if you will and I do  believe

That your unfailing love will continue

To be poured out abundantly on all

Who seek you with a sincere heart

So praise and thank you Lord

We grow in your goodness

We are nourished all our days

To plant roots deep in faith

For your goodness never fails

Praise you, Lord God!

5.20 a.m.


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