4 Sept at 6.15 a.m

A walk in the area I take

A small area just outside Beatitude Mountain

Too cowardly to venture ahead

Too scared to go the whole way

Lord, be my Guide and direct my path

Today I see with my eyes

Through your goodness, Father God

Snails, snails and more snails

They carry upon their fragile bodies their shells

Shells in all kinds of designs

Each one unique, the way you  have created people

And I stand in awe

I marvel at your  mighty works

Too awesome, Father Creator God

Too awesome for me to behold

And so I remain in silence

P1180029P1180030P1180114 P1180121P1180122 P1180123 P1180124P1180127

And I hear you  say

You make all things beautiful

In your time all matters will be fine

In your time and in no other time

For you are God and Lord of mercy

You too will make my life beautiful


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