When I came across this acronym, I was bemused
With each sound bite, I grew more confused
For some, they are unequivocal in their views about it
That this is sinful, contemptible, no two ways about it.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender
In some quarters viewed as a lewd offender
Reduced to an initialism, to be spoken in a whisper
For same-sex union is not God’s plan, they thunder.

The church does not disapprove if the love is ‘chaste and faithful’
Which means one must remain celibate, or deemed sinful
This is where the rhetoric obscure rather than illuminate
An oxymoron which only serves to obfuscate.

I have friends who love as such
To come out, even today, it takes much
I cannot condemn love pure and monogamous
I cannot be judge and condemn it outrageous.

We strive for the agape love of Abba, our Father
An unconditional love for all sinners no matter
Yet we cannot get past the eros love of human nature
And lose sight of the souls we could have nurtured.

When we fail to reach out, we fail to save
When we fail to speak out, we fail to brave
To break free from self-righteous condemnation
To proclaim and practise our message of redemption.