My favourite colours

P1180096 P1180097 P1180098 P1180101 P1180102 P1180103 P1180104 P1180105 P1180106 P1180302 P1180304 P1180719 P1180720 P1180721 P1180722 P1180723P1180054P1180055P1180020 P1180021 P1180022 P1180023

As an artist in my own right, I am most familiar with the colour wheels, and with all those lessons I used to teach to my students on primary and secondary colour wheels, tints, shades, tones, neutral colours and what not behind me, I can now look at the whole business of colours in a different way. Of course, at the back of my mind is the conscious fact that it is our Lord who has created our world with such a wonderful array of colours. He could have given the world to us in one colour, or he could have given us just the neutral colours. Fancy a world that is seen in terms of only various tints and shades of black and white!

But no, our Lord  is ever so creative and he has blessed us with not only the primary and the secondary colours, with the neutrals of black and white, but a whole array of other warm and cool colours with its exciting assortment of  tones and shades, its tints and hues. . . He  has given us a very colourful world indeed  and there are all kinds of colours on the rainbow, on an artist’s palette, in the whole array of creation, that attract us. They are so pleasing to the eye, so satisfying to those with eyes to see and appreciate.

In the first two weeks of September when I was in Taiwan, the season of Autumn had just started. Whenever I looked out of the balcony and see the trees in all the greens available, I would also wonder what it  would be like if there were some leaves turning yellow, orangey or even maroon. Yes, since it is Autumn, I should like to see the colours of Autumn. But it is too early. . . and the leaves will be taking their time to show a burst of bright colours. It would be like one last great outburst with all its splendour before the leaves fall and winter comes. . .  So much like one’s life. But some end even before Spring is over, and some linger long into Winter. Praise God!

The photos shown here were taken at different times, and on different days. I had also sighted some leaves that could well be the colours of whole trees – the yellows, the reds and maroons and the oranges. But of course, green is still a lovely colour, and they are soothing to the eye. The thing is, we don’t just have colours. We have many other things to add to the  beauty of our world . Praise God!


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