Driftwood (1)


I sit in the open air just next to Beatitude Chapel

All at once a gentle breeze came

It was so sudden

So unexpected

So beautiful a feeling

I felt the caresses of the breeze . . . This is it!

The wind – how suddenly it comes

Caressing my whole body

Giving me a wonderful sensation

As again, on this day, I use my senses joyfully

To  know better the  ways of God

I have been made

A human being

In His image and likeness

Endowed with the senses

So it is only right

That I should be enjoying myself

And this sensitivity is itself your gift, dearest Lord

And there are so many things around

What will I pick for scrutiny?

What will I befriend?

What will I observe?

And my eyes chance upon a  small piece of wood

Yes, I shall call it driftwood

Interestingly so, and a hundred per cent natural

This is my subject today! Praise God!


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