First Friday 5 September 2014

P1180117 P1180162

My friends

The snails

I see them and I greet them

Good morning, dear snails

My friends

Teach me to slow down, to slow down

As you take your walk

This morning

And every morning

Yes, the snails are out for their walks

They move along



Their eyes exploring the environment

Their senses alive

They smell the flowers around

And they give praise to Father Creator God

They walk on



Then their ears hear the cries of song birds

Little ones

Small ones with magnificent trilling sounds

All praising God in one accord

And the snails move on



Cared for

Deeply loved

Provided for

They move along in trust

They meet me then

A woman on a retreat

I am overwhelmed

My heart is bursting, Father Creator God

You have brought me here


A visual treat

I see the trees all around

The sun rises suddenly

And its rays warm my body

A sensual treat

I hear voices all around

Songs of birds

Songs of insects


All songs of praise, surely

And in my own heart

I sing to You

Love songs

Songs of adoration

Songs of thanksgiving

Too wonderful is Your love for me

I am overwhelmed

Tears flow down my cheeks

They flow

They flow

And they flow

As I continue on my way


I hear now the bells chiming

Fixed times each day

So no  one needs a time piece

As James the Administrator has told us

The bells chime at seven in the morning

Twelve noon

Five in the evening

And eight in the night.

(6.50 a.m)



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