This is for you…

This is for you, bowed down
By the weight of being unloved.
Don’t you know
That the wind rushes to embrace you,
Caress your hair and kiss your cheeks,
That the earth begs you, pulls you down
Till your fingers press the soil
And your head rests against her heart,
That flowers struggle through
Their tight sepalled cocoon
To burst into delicate flame
For you, just for you?

This is for you, empty
Because none share your heart-secrets.
Don’t you know
That grass flowers smaller
Than half your fingernail –
Pink and green spikelets,
Lilac florets teardrop -shaped,
Open-eyed fallen stars –
Long for you to notice them, listen
And tell their story?

This is for you, bitter
Because life has not blessed you.
Look up into the sky, see
How the sun pours down his light at your feet
Sprinkling the water with silver
And gilding the grasses gold,
How the waxed winged seeds
Spinning on the wind
Like aerial ballerinas pirouetting
Are angels descending from above
To lead you from the fog
And bring you home.


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