Waiting….. Waiting……

What is the meaning of waiting?

Waiting could be the time for self reflection that leads to maturation.

Like a farmer who has planted his seeds during the last season now awaits the summer rains and then the autumn harvest will beckon.

Natural rhythms work like clockwork most of the time but there are times where there is an extension , an extended summer season, an uncertain harvest , a pregnant pause that seems to be a little too long overdue.

Like a fruit that is ripe but not yet dropped from the tree.

Like a child who has grown up and not yet decided to leave his parent’s house.

Like a student waiting for the results of an examination.

Like an eager young man waiting for the consent of his future father in law for the hand of his daughter

What is the real purpose and intention of waiting?

Is waiting also a time of trial? A time to sharpen the saw? A time of preparation and rest……. for the longer journey that is ahead of you?

God has put us here for a purpose and there are times and seasons for everything. The famous passage from Ecclesiastes chapter 3, the often quoted biblical passage about the justification of time and seasons and trusting God to put us in the best seasons and shield us from the worst ones.

I am particularly intrigued on one phrase :”A time for searching, a time for losing; a time for keeping, a time for discarding.”

I think I am now in this particular season. Searching, Losing, Keeping and Discarding.

Searching- I am searching for the next step in my life

Losing- I know I will be losing some of myself when I move on to the next phase

Keeping- I will ask God to guide me what I can keep with me and move on with me in the next step

Discarding- I must learn to discard things in the past and not move these to the future with me. Discarding and Losing are different. Losing is an inevitable process and activity whereas discarding is an conscious effort to make it happen or resist it from happening

There is a place for everything. I am also reminded by the St Theresa of Little Flower to be able to be child like and let go and let God to take control. As we grew up from our youthful days, we feel initially that we are the masters of the universe and we forget that our every breath of our life starts and ends with God. It is only as we wait and wait and become mature that we learn God is the only truly one in Control . He is the one that we should  depend on as we mature and we ought not learn to become more independent.

I realised paradoxically and counter-intuitively, that Christian maturity is to be more and more dependent on God’s grace and mercy and less and less independent. We have to trust more providentially

So unlike the child who has to move out and become independent , God asks us to continue to be dependent on Him. His house is Big and Welcoming. God asks us to trust him. For we are like the farmer who can plant and sow the seeds, BUT it is He alone who decides when these seeds germinate, grow and greet the morning sun. He alone decides when that ripe fruit will drop and where it will drop. He alone decides whether the seed will yield ten folds, fifty folds or a hundred folds.

Waiting therefore from my self reflection is REALLY a period of surrender. There is nothing one can really do except to channel one’s positive energy to live life to the fullest and continue to love those whom God has given us,  and to continue to shine our lamps and our light to those around. Whatever we focus on will grow. If we give energy to worry, that will grow too. If we give energy to hope, love and joy and gratefulness,  all these will germinate, grow and blossom and  they will become beautiful in God’s time and season. Amen !


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