7 September 2014

7.30 a.m.

At the breakfast table

I eat and ponder

What lessons there have been this day

It is early, no doubt, but things have happened, and not for nothing


The first is the choice

Who are you for?

The Lord in the Blessed Sacrament awaiting your arrival

To spend time with him

To cultivate and deepen your friendship

That must continue to grow

After all, your prayer each day is

“Help me love you more today than yesterday.”


What else beckons?

The snails on their morning walks

And the sunrise and the great outdoors

But no, no, no!

My heart tells me what to do

The Spirit of God directs my life

And so I respond as in my heart

The worship already begins

O Sacrament most holy. . . .

and the chant goes on and on.


The second lesson

Be mindful. Be mindful.

Watch and be vigilant

Know what you are about

What you do and say

For what you do is so  important

And so, after the rosary in the Chapel, I went out into the open . . .

And there I was, looking and admiring . . .

And then I heard a sound, a sound that spelt disaster!

Looking down, I saw that I had stepped partly, thank God, on a snail

My friend, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean it! It’s my fault!

P1180490 P1180503 P1180527

Bending down, I observed the result of my mindless action of not looking where I was walking

And I felt a little sad

It is a lesson for me to learn

To learn to be mindful



Did you not  learn this long ago?

Exercise it then. Be aware. Be mindful.

Then came the thought for application to life

Sometimes I get hurt by others

Do they mean it? Perhaps not.

So let me be quick to excuse and to let go.

Thank God for these lessons. I’m hopeful the snail was not destroyed.

On my return journey, it was nowhere to be found. Praise and thank God!




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