Resolute Perseverance



Resolute Perseverance

Both words are extremely meaningful

Called to apostolic work

We have to heed the call

To persevere for the greater glory of God

To be his messengers of peace

To bring his Good News as He desires to peoples everywhere

To the ends of the earth, the Bible says

Resolute Perseverance

This is one virtue for me to keep cultivating

So help me, Lord

I think of my snail friends

The many I have met in days past

Do they not resolutely persevere?

Do they not struggle along daily?

They don’t give up

No, they don’t

They don’t complain that they cannot go on

They never lament that the difficulties are insurmountable

Resolute Perseverance

This is a virtue I need

As I look at snails

As I ponder and thank God

Such a lovely symbol he has given me


A snail

Slowing  down

A snail

Slow and steady

A snail

Sweetly moving along

No fear

No fear

God is near surely

And even when one gets crushed

Life goes on

It is  not the end

No, not the end

I am still thinking of the snail I stepped on

Am I sweating over small stuff?

After all, the snail did manage to move on, move on

So let me say a  prayer

For the snails that get crushed

For the snails severely challenged

And then may we all continue and with

Resolute Perseverance

push on, push on

For the greater glory of God!


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