Nobody gets out alive

Nobody gets out alive.

I read this statement and I ponder

True we all have to die

My parents did

So did my grandparents

Friends, colleagues, other relatives


The young, the old, the rich and the poor

Male or female, believers or otherwise

Nobody gets out alive.

We all will die

And someday it will be my turn

I choose not to think of the end

Nobody gets out alive.

For now

It is more sensible and more important

To be prepared

Nobody gets out alive.

For the present

I shall live each moment fully, joyfully, abundantly

Not to worry or be fearful of the time to come

Those last moments when one draws a final breath

Who knows what is to happen

Nobody gets out alive.

Let us get on with the business of living

Of recalling that our end is inevitable

But think not of the way one may go

Consider rather that the Lord of all

Assures us only that death will come like a thief in the night

And if so, why not be fortified

Why not be prepared

How, you may ask

Like this

With total determination to do one’s duties

Nobody gets out alive.

To love God above all

To love one’s neigbour as one loves oneself

To act justly

To love tenderly

To walk humbly with God

Nobody gets out alive.

Walk then by faith and not by sight.

Praise God!


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