As I see myself


I was broken

A little snail with a broken shell

Someone stepped on me

Thank God I did not die

Along the way more people stepped on me

This is a harsh world

People can be tough

And I was so timid, so shy

The little snail grew


Loved and protected by the family

The love proved to be good

And the snail grew and grew

But then a miracle happened

What is it?

The presence of the Divine

God’s plan was being fulfilled

Unknown to the little snail

She was being cared for

She was always being looked after

God sent helpers



God never abandons his children

There were the First Friday masses

The longer recesses

There was the School Mission

There were also the duties given

All these helped to carve a niche for the snail

I am that snail

I now see it clearly

A shell I had

But what can  one do under a shell

so fragile

so fragile

And so I continued along

Hiding when I needed to

Afraid and fearful of the unknown

But childhood days are carefree days

And I played Hide and Seek

I had Catholic neighbours

I would play with them

Saw them  pray the rosary

Saw them go to Church

And all the while I was just there, just there. . . 

(7 September 2014, Taiwan retreat )

The beautiful ending is my conversion to the faith exactly 21 years ago. Praise God for his wonderful plan of salvation.


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