Writing alone and with others

I first heard of this beautiful person called Pat Schneider from my two friends who had signed up for her writing workshop far away. I did not make it although the intention to go had been made known to me. Today I am just thankful for the way things have turned out. Praise the Lord!

Pat Schneider believes that everyone has a story to share, and I agree wholeheartedly with her. That might be the key point for her delving more and more into the craft of writing.  Of course, one could say that she is gifted. She is more than gifted. She has a heart that embraces people. She is warm. She is lovely. Loving. Caring. I have not met her, and I don’t think we will ever do so on earth. Praise the Lord!

I have met Pat Schneider in her writings. She is generous and she shares. For those of you who are interested to find out more, you need only search for her name and find lots of information. Here is a snippet from Pat Schneider. Do you agree? What are your views? Can you begin to see why we are a community of writers, and why we meet now and then to write in a group? Praise the Lord!

“Most writers benefit from regular communciation with other writers. Writing can be a lonely endeavor, much of the work must be done in solitude. However, too much solitude – or too much conversation with people who do not write, and too little with those who do – can lead to depression and despair. Having a place to listen thoughtfully to new work by others and having the option of receiving response to your own writing can be invigorating, encouraging, and tremendously helpful.”


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