Sin Therapy

Fritz Mascarenhas

I had not heard of this name before,  but now I know more about this Catholic servant of God. Several people I know had gone to India to attend a retreat, and we all know how popular the country is. Personally I have had some experiences myself in that land.

One of my friends suggested that I listen to this very anointed speaker, Fritz Mascarenhas. I did. I was actually multi-tasking,  sad to say,  but I did hear the message and I am glad I heard it. Sin Therapy. That is not the title of the talk. The actual title is:  Why did Jesus come? It may not be so obvious to unbelievers or to lukewarm souls, the ones our Lord would like to spit out ( See Revelation Chapter 3)

Jesus came to save us. We have sinned. We are sinners in need of God’s forgiveness. I recall doing a retreat many years ago, and I remember specifically some spiritual exercises. Much time was spent on looking at my own sins and turning away from them, on seeing how the Deceiver has infiltrated so many areas of the world and on how so many people continue to live in sinful oblivion. There is, of course, nothing for one to boast about. It is enough if one has the grace to acknowledge one’s need of the Saviour of the World, our Lord Jesus Christ. At the same time, one then knows why the Lord has come. It is precisely to save us!

I thank God for the Gift of our Saviour! Yes, Lord Jesus, by your cross and resurrection, you have set us free. You are the Saviour of the World!

Talking about this subject, I would like to share a piece of important information from a book I have been reading. It is written by a seasoned traveller on the journey. Can anyone of us say that we have a vocation in the Healing Ministry for 39 years? I guess not. This brother in Christ is Alan Guile, 87 years of age, and from his book I learnt that one has to pray in a specific manner for the conversion of sinners. I have since then prayed this often enough for myself and for my loved ones, and I now use it still for those who need to come to know the Lord as Saviour and Master, as Teacher and Friend.

This prayer, to be effective, should be specific. Pray that the person who needs conversion will have the grace to acknowledge his sins and be sorry for them. By acknowledging his sins, he will then have need of our Saviour who came to save us, not to condemn us. Then the person, having sought forgiveness with a repentant heart, can then seek the grace to experience the power of the Holy Spirit in his life.

I thought about it and I know that it makes a lot of sense. To be able to admit one is a sinner and to be sorry for one’s sins is an act of humility, in fact, and unless one humbles oneself to plead for mercy, how else will our Lord intervene? His gift of free will is ours and it will not be taken back. We have a choice. What will it be?  Soon we will come to the end of another liturgical Year A to move on to Year B,  and we are reminded daily of the need to be vigilant, to be ready. . . . Will we? Are we? Can we?

Praise the Lord!


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