The Lourdes Experience! (2)

Tomorrow is the sixth day of the last month of the year. 6 December 2014. It is a day when many good people of God have contributed and will continue to give not only cash and kind but also lots of love, effort and time to make possible what is the third ‘Lourdes Experience’. The previous one was held four years ago. This one involves lots of youths as well. Marvellous!

I know that I have just returned from Lourdes in France a few months ago, but once is not enough. Tomorrow I wish to join others who will come also from neighbouring countries like Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia. Although the organisers have the intention of wanting to let those unable to go to France attend the Lourdes Experience, it is also not wrong to say that people like me will want to go again. The Indoor Stadium has the capacity to hold eight thousand people.

I have my reasons, of course, for wanting to be there. It is a calling. I am going with a heart full of petitions for our Lady of Lourdes. (Thank you dearest Mother!) So many people seek healing of one kind or another, and I know of at least two loved ones who are on the way home to our Father in heaven. For the sick and the weary, what better prayer than one that asks for acceptance of God’s will to be fulfilled. And indeed, it will be, always, in heaven and on earth. Praise God!

The second reason is that I want to accompany some  friends and we are going as  a group of about ten. We will be sitting together to pray, to sing, to participate in the Eucharistic celebration and to pray for the healing of all present at the venue. We will be lifting up our loved ones and we ourselves will also seek the touch of God’s hand upon us. Healing need not be physical. There are other areas – our sin sick souls, our crowded minds filled with anxieties, our wretchedness and unceasing cares. We are indeed weighed down by so many preoccupations.

I would say that it makes perfect sense to go for the Lourdes Experience. The last one was held four years ago. Will there be one more in the future? No one knows. Will I still be around to go then? So, why wait? The opportunity is there. Let me seize it then! Praise God!

Yet another reason would be to go and witness the healings that would take place. I would like to see with my eyes people putting their crutches aside to walk steadily. I would love to rejoice with those wheel chair bound patients and see them get up. All things are possible for our Divine Healer. And what about our dear priests and fellow Catholics in our parishes who seek divine intervention? And of course, our Lady will remember to pray for non Catholics as well. Her love is for all, regardless of race, language or religion. Her love is also unconditional for she looks to Jesus and learns from Him. Our Lady can be said to be the perfect disciple of Christ. O Immaculate Heart of Mary, intercede for us all!

It should not be surprising that one more reason I have for going is to give thanks. I know that I will sing aloud. I will pray with my heart. I will praise God. I will share my story. Lots of stories all these years will be shared with gratitude. . .     and so, come with me to the Lourdes Experience!


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