It’s Christmas once again

I hear once again the familiar Christmas carols

And my heart misses a beat or two

Memories come hauntingly, in fragments

What kind of memories?

Of days long ago

Of times past

When all was simple and life was unhurried

Now there is a different kind of feeling

One that comes with age

Fondness remains, gratitude deepens

But more and more also a nagging feeling of sadness

Sadness in a season of good cheer?

My heart bleeds

for the many who do not love the One who first loved us

for the many who continue to reject Him who chose to be one of us

He desires that we may come to know Him, love Him and serve Him

But one sees more and more rejection 

More and more the world falls prey to secularism, consumerism, materialism and relativism

Why, Lord? Why? Who can take it?

Love can. Only love

Yes, our God is Love and He accepts it all He loves us all

Can we love Him in return? Can we respond a little?

And so the Christmas of long ago comes round again

Some two  thousand years ago in a manger in Bethlehem

Some things never change

The foolish ones go giddy and know no fear

The wise ones go humbly on  their knees, thankful to have been saved

But the Christ Child came for all, not just for you and for me

The Christ Child came to save and not to condemn

He came for all, not just for you or for me

Do we understand this? if we do, let us cry out with joy. . . . .

The Saviour is here! He is here!


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