Perpignan, France

Long ago you took my hand –
I remember the dulled brick walls,
The grimed mosaic tiles of the station floor,
The sullen night that withheld its snow –
That was all, and then you were gone.

Now I search for you in trains,
In streets, the meandering alleyways
Of my mind, liminal places
Where boundaries blur and anything
Is possible. I imagine the words
I should have said, the ones
I will say, so that this time
We will have a different story.

When I will see you
It will be as you were,
With that raw transparency
That is the prerogative of youth.
I will be myself, brave
Eager for adventure,
Before life, that stealthy thief,
Stole parts of my soul
And rendered me timid.
Even now, when I think of you
I feel my shuttered heart
Start to crack open.


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