A year of gratefulness and greatness

2014 is over now and we are now into the early wee hours of 2015.  A magnificent fireworks just took place outside my home at Bishan Park.  The first of its kind in recent memories. Almost 5000 people were there to usher in the new year together with the Prime Minister of Singapore . The new year 2015 is here upon us !! Praise God

2014 has been another exciting year. It marked a milestone and another turning point in my life. I have losses and gains but it made me a better person and a more discerning Christian

As the year has passed and gone, I had much to reminiscence and reflect upon. Be thankful and grateful for.  Instead of going through a long list of items, I just focus on 4.

  1. Father: Oh Dad. 2014 – I will always remember for the year Dad left us on 23rd June after a sharp downturn of health after Chinese New Year. He struggled and fought back.  His faith was strong especially towards the end. I had the privilege to be his son and I am forever grateful  and thankful for him baptising me and giving me my name and giving me my education.   He was 77 and counting the Chinese method, he was 80 plus one year for heaven, earth and for himself. A good ripe old age.. I am thankful and grateful for the time I had spent with him individually before he left us.

2. Fitness: Health . I had the best 21KM timing ever and completed my first sundown marathon in the rain and achieved both my 1000KM mileage record and 61KG for the year. Had two health checks and good records. Thank you Lord for giving good health

3.  Family , We had three interesting holidays together: Lots of bonding, bearing and building to do with my family and the growing children.

4. Faith : “”Proverbs 3:6: Listen to God’s voice in everything you do and everywhere you go . He will keep you on the best path. “” I believe 2014 was a good year in growing my faith. I had witnessed so many miracles in my life in 2014 and greatly affirmed God’s hands in everything in my life ! In the first part of the year , I attended three talks by three different priests. These talks changed my life. In December together with the Lourdes Experience and the final talk, it completed a year of great faith experience. I sought out spiritual books and also online videos and contributed a little more to this blog and initiated a family reconciliation process.

To end this short sharing, God answers prayers in three ways

– He says yes and gives you what you want

– He says no and gives you something better

– He says wait and gives you the best

I believe all of them and I am looking towards the best He is giving me in 2015

Thank you Lord for 2014 and I am sure the next 365 days in 2015 will be equally wonderful and beautiful for me and my family and friends. Amen  ! Thank you Lord