Shepherds tending their flock by night

This was the miracle you sought
In the secret folds of your hearts –
The opportunity to change your destiny
From the grey march into oblivion
To that which has the chance to shine,
And give the days that run into each other
Like the wintry sky and dun earth
A deep meaning that will cradle everything.

This was the meaning of the star
That throbbed like the great heart
Of the world made manifest for you,
And the songs of liquid silver and gold
That fell like rain around you –
That in the dull nights that will follow
Scented with the sullen tang of cold
And the odor of mangy sheep-flesh
That never leaves your skin
And reminds you of who you are,
Remember that one day you saw a star
And angels sang just for you.

This was the reward for the journey
You made to Bethlehem to seek the One
Who would save you – that kneeling
At the foot of the manger where He lay,
You realized that He loved you
For the clumsiness, the coarse speech,
The pettiness that has built up in your hearts
Over the years, all the humbling humanity
In you that you secretly hated.
This was the miracle you longed for,
The one that changed your world.


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