The Dark Side

“Fear is the Path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to Anger; Anger leads to hate; Hate leads to Suffering…..—Jedi GrandMaster Yoda, Star Wars

Sometimes, I wonder why I suffer a lot. I wonder why God brought me into this world with the condition that I have. I wonder, why me and not others. Have I done anything that had upset the Father? Had I done anything in my previous life that have really angered my Lord? Or was it caused by the doings of my ancestors? I wonder why, that He has added extra burden and weight to my cross.

I often despair when thinking about this. In times like this, all my anger, wrath and rage is pointed to God. I scream at Him, telling Him of my every displeasure of my suffering, scolding Him of His unfairness, that I must suffer while my peers have no limitations to what I have. The food they eat, most of them I cannot eat for rashes will appear should I eat them. Food like eggs, chocolate, candy and even simple bread. I must say, it was really painful that I could eat so few kinds of foods. The medical conditions (of eczema and Food Allergies) which I have to accept without making a choice. I have no choice but to accept the way I was born. I have no choice at all; God was calling all the shots. As He has created me with these conditions, then it is indeed His will as my family and friends in faith have told me.

His will may be painful, but His will is the truth that I have to follow. I might still have tantrums at Him sometimes when I’m really angry. But most of the time, when I am calm, at peace and passive,  I am there asking my Lord, ” What is thy bidding, Father? What of me is in your will? What is of me that is required?” All He wants of me is to love Him more and be more like Him: more Christlike, to act more like how my identity is viewed in the world: Christian.

As we all know, no one is perfect. Not ever since the first sin by the first humans of eating the Forbidden Fruit. The sin that scarred all of us for eternity and made us all deserving of hell until  the foretold Messiah, predicted by the prophets of old, appeared. The Son of God: Jesus Christ, the Lord my God in whom I worship,  who pulled us all out from darkness, into the light. The ones who believe in Him and the salvation that He has promised to His disciples and all who have come to follow Him, and 2000 years of generations of Christians are still continuing what our God started when He came down in the flesh to save His people by sacrificing His own life. In His life as one of us, He taught us the importance of patience and integrity but the most important of all, He taught us the values of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Faith in the one True Almighty God.

Recently, I began watching Star Wars Episodes I to VI, one of my favourite movies since my childhood. I really hope J.J. Abrams and Disney don’t mess up this wonderful franchise. Back then the movies they made had a moral or story  for one to take away, somethng that you would ponder on after watching it. Star Wars, described as a Moral Adventure. Jedi Versus Sith, Light Versus Darkness, Good Versus Evil ; Light vs Darkness, Good Versus Evil, God vs Satan.

Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith is my second favorite movie of the francise so far with the first being Return of the Jedi. When I  watched the movie again four weeks ago, I watched this cutscene of the movie which I always skipped when I was a child as it was another of the boring conversations when I preferred to watch the Light-Saber Battles. This cutscene was the manipulation and seduction of Anakin Skywalker, later known as Darth Vader by Chancellor Palpatine aka Darth Sidious, the Sith Lord & Emperor of the Tyrannical Galactic Empire. He tells Anakin that the only way to save his wife, Senator Padmé Amidala, is to learn from him the Dark Side of the Force. He also tells Anakin to be careful of the Jedi for they fear his potential, his power. Sidious convinces Anakin that only through him will Anakin gain a power greater than any Jedi. This really sounds like the Devil in disguise.

The promise of power. POWER!! Who wouldn’t want power? I myself would want power to do everything I want, to eat what I want, to play what I want, to travel where I want. The power to destroy my rivals and enemies and to have a good life along with my family. Power of course isn’t an easy thing to handle. I mean if we really got the power to do things, we might end up harming a lot of lives. Jesus said in Mt 26:52, ” Put your sword back in its place,” Jesus said to him. “All who take the sword will die by the sword.” All Wars are started by powerful people who couldn’t handle power. Selfish, psychotic, mass-murdering people such as Adolf Hitler, Roman Emperor Nero, disgraced pope Alexander VI and his kin, the Borgias and of course the self-proclaimed Caliph of the so called Islamic State, Abu bakr Al-Baghadi whose marauding gang of savage murderers and rapist bastards committed a great sacrilege that disgraced God and His true kingdom. Not just us as the Church of God, but all (The Jews and Muslims) who worship Him for His great power and His Divine Mercy. For the evil people not of the Kingdom of Heaven, may God have mercy on their souls.

The thought that makes us feel that we are more powerful than God is nothing but the manipulation of Satan. Our power by right, all our energy, our strengths, our talents come from the grace of God, and also the power that He shares with us. Is there no greater power than our Lord Jesus Christ? His power is infinite and everlasting. God teaches us to be humble so as to know that we cannot always do things by ourselves but with the help of a community as well.

All of us have our dark sides. Yes, it is indeed sure. But also all of us have hearts of flesh rather than hearts of stone. My Lord, my God, always grant us thy grace and teach us to be forever faithful to you, Amen.


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