Thoughts in the evening

The first day of another brand new year

And it is time to reflect a little more

Surely we all agree, in one way or another

That we live in a beautiful world

Joy and fulfilment, merriment and fun

We also live in a world marred by tragedy and pain

One more plane missing

More casualties

One more tsunami

More dead bodies

Yet we must not forget

God is present to us in both worlds

Alive or dead He remains Lord of all

He does not promise to prevent pain and tragedy

Forget not that God the Son suffered more

More than all our sufferings put together

And in our life time

Be sure that we will experience and encounter pain

Over and over again

What God does promise is to be with us

Through the storms of our life

As we shed tears

As we shiver in fear

As we tremble and bite our nails

He comes, he comes

To help us to cope and to stay focussed

Focused on his faithfulness

His mercy and his grace

His infinite love and unbounding joy

God is faithful and he will never abandon us

In fact, nothing can separate us from His love

Love so deep, so unfathomable

And so we will never be defeated

But do we turn to him for the grace and the strength to cope in bad times?

This is a question we ourselves have to answer

With honesty



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