Sate our desires in God

Cicero the Roman poet once said “Nature has planted in our minds an insatiable desire to see the truth”.  Are we so insatiable that we have to check our smart phones for our messages and our facebook for new updates countless number of times daily?  Are we so insatiable now we have to find out the latest of any news, and in the recent air disaster, there is even a live blog of the search and recovery story by the minute.  Why are we insatiable for news, knowledge, facts, myths, gossips, rumours of any kind? Are we truly curious?  Or are we addicted to these ?  Someone once wrote that the new electronic cigarettes of the 21st century are all these electronic games and social network sites. What do you think?

To some extent, I believe that this reflects our inner emptiness of wanting to embrace the larger truth in life. That thirst has been described as the hunger of the soul or the embrace of the transcendence. We have the innate desire to look for the sublime, the beauty, the ethereal, things that activate all the neurons of our senses, within and without. For myself, I have been searching for many external things for a long time and continue to indulge myself in bodily desires to fill my external senses.  

This year 2015, perhaps it is time to search within and look for the things within , things that will sate our desires, our quest to fill that emptiness definitively.  Science said that nature abhors a vacuum.  There is a true vacuum in all our hearts and our vacuum can never be truly filled until we rest our desire in God. St Augustine said : ” You have made us for yourself, 0 Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you” and in Psalm 62:5 : Find rest , O my soul, in God alone.

One of my new year resolutions this year is to grow more in faith and rest my soul more in God alone and listen more to the Holy Spirit, and be more discerning.  All my years of training to set goals and to have SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time bound) tell me that for this particular faith goal I must make it a SMART goal ; the only way to make this insatiable goal a meaningful one is to make it a habit, make it meaningful and make it fun.  So it goes

I resolve to watch a spiritual video once a week

I resolve to contribute at least once a month something on my blog a spiritual writing

I resolve to read a spiritual and uplifting book that glorifies God once a month

I resolve to participate in the sacrament of reconciliation with my family once a month.

I resolve to participate in a family spiritual / retreat event this year.

Let me end with Cicero again : ” Next to God we are nothing,  To God we are everything”

Wishing all your insatiable desires, dreams and dalliances will be satisfied and fulfilled in and through our Lord Jesus this year of 2015 AD.   The best is yet to be for all of you !!  Plan ahead and go forth in 2015 with persistent faith and abundant grace !!