Lessons not learnt

What can one say to those who refuse to learn

Who will not want to be taught

How does one go on expressing love

The hearts are cold and unfeeling

The minds refuse to yield and will not reason things out

And in the end one just feels so helpless, so hopeless

Not at all very encouraging one has to admit

Not at all very meaningful to keep on and on

Yet, the human heart does not say die

The human heart keeps on  beating and with every beat

Hope springs eternal

Hope rises as it dares to focus

On the God of the Impossible

The One who allowed a Virgin to  give birth to Man-God

The One who can do all things

Whose arm is never too short to save

And so, dear Lord, to you alone do we entrust our cares

To you alone do we dare hope for mercy and grace

Help us, Lord! Help us!

Many are our needs, and many are our wants

Our cravings never satisfy but we are too dull to learn

Too dumb to act wisely for the good of all

Help us, Lord! Help us!


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