Let me pray about it

Let me pray about it. It is interesting. I had asked Laurence if he would like to join the blog so he could contribute using his own name. Now he has just sent this poem, and I think he might tell me the same thing. Let me pray about it.

Sure………meanwhile, enjoy!

I was asked to join a ministry after the introductory.

My straight answer was let me pray about it.

I did not do it.

I pray when there is an urgent need.

Joining any ministry was not an urgent need.

So nothing happened to it.


I was asked to join the missionary after an introductory.

I said yes to it.

Then I started to pray that I would be able to make it.

I started to pray because I doubted I was good enough to do it.

I doubted I could commit.

There was an urgent need to call,

For guidance and support from the Holy Spirit.

I prayed and prayed.

 And for many times over I made it.


Now I have no doubt about it.  

I did not need to be good.

God will make it good.

I did not have to doubt what I commit,

God will make it tick.

I just need to say yes and  pray over it.

It will happen when God wills it.

Let me pray about it was inspired by the thought that when one said that one would pray ABOUT it, it means that it is just an obligatory response to a request without any serious intention to accept the invitation.


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