A life of gratitude

So much to be thankful for

I look back and I smile

I rejoice and I shout out loud: Thank you Lord!

You have shown me favour

Not that I deserve anything

But you are good and you love me so

You give me more than I ever dare to ask

How gracious you are and how generous too

Superb in your kindness and compassion

Righteous and true to your holy Name

You save! You deliver! You heal!

You do all these and more. . . I am free, free, free!

How can I not be grateful? How can I not give thanks?

And so unceasingly my heart will sing to you

Songs of love and songs of praise

I am thankful and I am grateful

Join me, my friends, and give praise

You will find your life changing

Gratitude enlarges the heart

Relaxes the mind

Lifts up the spirit

Purifies the soul

How do I know?

It is what I have experienced

All these years, all these years

Alleluia! Praise the Lord!

Take a few minutes a day

Simply sit with no distractions

Close your eyes

Thank God

Show him gratitude

Show him your appreciation

Pray for your benefactors

Angels he sends day after day

Be grateful for positive things in your life

Be grateful for bad things that turn out right

Be grateful for your God loves you dearly

Be grateful for people he sends you

Be grateful

Be ever so grateful. Amen.


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