This is a sharing

What I heard four years ago from a fellow writer

There he was all by himself in Lucky Plaza

It was lunch time and the place was really crowded

He ended up sharing a table with two young ladies

They were from his country apparently

Not intending to eavesdrop and yet unable to miss what they were saying

He overheard snippets of their conversation

A conversation which he thought was impossible to ignore

Hence his sharing and

now, my sharing too. . .

“My Mom just doesn’t know how to pause. She must always be on-the-go. She runs and rushes around, one thing after another, so that she is not aware of what is really going on around her, because she has to be the centre of everything”.

“Imagine, we were taken to holidays in Paris, but she didn’t even care, that we, her children, had never been to the Eiffel Tower before, because it was our first trip to Paris. But the whole itinerary was built to satisfy her desires, and we ended up queuing at Chanel, Louis Vuitton stores . . . it was damn boring!”

 “My Dad was so cruel. Imagine . . . I was barely 10 when he sent me over to study in Taiwan. He didn’t care about how difficult the language was and that I was very scared and actually didn’t want to go . . . And now, he is asking me to come back home to help him with his business. I don’t really like it. I know I will be dumped with a lot of work, but I guess I have no choice . . .  I don’t think Dad cares for us – his children – he just sees us as investment!”

The conversation went on and on

My friend’s lunch over, he walked away

But not before he had one more look

At the faces of two young women

Apparently successful  in the secular world

Apparently earning lots of money

Yet in dire need of healing

Wounded from young, still nursing pain

Frustrations built up over the years

And this leaves me to wonder

Of what use is it if a person gains the whole world

And loses his soul?

Of what use is all this parent bashing?

Who am I to judge?

And so a prayer will I make for all

Wounded and in pain

Wounded and still suffering

We can and we must let go

Let go

Let go

Let go!




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