Letter to Jesus- Baptism of Jesus

Letter to Jesus- Baptism of Jesus


Dearest Jesus, 


My reflection on your baptism in the River Jordan from the Gospel of St Mark (Mk 1: 9-12) 

I saw three parts of you. 


When you became man by taking flesh from Mary’s womb, you were like anyone of us, 

had a soul breathed into the body. 


A soul that was divine and a man that was of flesh. When you were baptized 

you had the Holy Spirit reside permanently in you. 


So your soul was called Christ and the body was Jesus. 

Like any human, because of the body, you do not know the future. 


Since your soul is divine, sinless, you could receive direct instructions 

and be always in communion with the Father. 

But, because of the body, though also sinless, you too were subjected to 

human conditions of being in one place at a time


Because of your state of grace, you had no fear of the future. 


Everyday you were on the move and carried out your works accordingly 

to the requests of the Holy Spirit. 


You spoke what the Holy Spirit spoke.


And you were always pleasing to God, acceptable to God and worthy to God.


( Immediately, upon ascending from the water, he saw the heavens opened 

and the Spirit like a dove, descending, and remaining with him. 

And there was a voice from Heaven: “You are my beloved Son; in you I am pleased.”)


Laurence koh





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