An invitation

Come and accept this invitation

Sit with Me so I may listen to you

With total attention, love and concern

The joy and the liberty

They are Mine to look deeply into your soul

No words spoken; yes, absolute silence

Of love, of non judgement

And I ask that you be still to know that I am God

Only My eyes will be fixed on you

To see beyond what is external

To search for what needs loving and healing

I promise to only look and listen

Without concern for time

Without any special reason

Without condemnation

My hope it is

That in this time of My loving you

Of My giving you undivided attention

I can create for you serenity, stillness and harmony

Gifts of time and attention so rare today

Messages impersonal

Advertisements exaggerated

Headlines misleading

Whatever screams or assaults

Minute by minute and Hour by hour

Day by day I your God long to offer you

A gift of My love

Unique, pure, personal

Always I am present in your midst

Will you let Me love you ?

Give you joy?



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