Church: My Second Home

Church: A place of worship, A place of peace.

A place of Prayer, A place of God.

Church, this is what it actually means. A place, the wonderful building that we all gather in to celebrate the most holy sacraments. A place, where we pray that the world will be back in goodness, with dark things gone. A world where values again take part in everyday lives of every man and woman on this fine beautiful Earth. Peace even before Paradise.

A place where we gather, yes! A place where all my loved ones: maybe not my family, but my friends; my mentors, priests, friends. All those in my fellowship who loves me as much as I love them all. As I see their smiling faces every week. It kindles hope in me and restores my faith in them and the Father who created us so that we may know each other and help each other. The thought of knowing that you are never alone, even when you are at your darkest moment.

You are never alone, you have your church (the community) standing beside and behind you, with Jesus our Lord leading us through a Journey of Faith to our just reward: Eternal Life on Heaven in the Kingdom of God and his Holy People.


One thought on “Church: My Second Home

  1. Yes, is that not wonderful? We are a universal church. There are no barriers that the love of God in each of us cannot tear away.
    Praise the Lord! You are my brother in the Lord!

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