A sparrow . . .

A sparrow

Tiny, common and not at all attractive

A sparrow

So small and insignificant with nothing much to show

These thoughts came suddenly this morning as I reflected

What is in a name? Plenty!

Our Lord called Simon Peter the Rock

Me? I recalled that I had simply chosen Sparrow

A nickname that stuck for a while in my childhood

On second thoughts I wonder if I could have made a better choice

Had I been smarter, perhaps I could have taken

Bigger and stronger, more magnificent and outstanding creatures

Even if it was a bird, one of the feathered kinds

Could I not have chosen a bird of great beauty and majesty?

Any other bird like the eagle with its power so great

A nightingale with its sweet melodious voice

Anything but the common sparrow, surely

But no, I learnt today that I did not do anything unacceptable

It was perhaps the best a child could do

I wanted to be a sparrow

Sparrow this nickname shall remain 


You must know that you are worth more than hundreds of sparrows

You must never forget that  God loves you just as you are

And best of all, you realise that,  you are just like that little bird

The sparrow, so common and such a nobody

But the Lord loves me just as I am

He loves the lowly, the poor, the little one

And I do fit in. I do count.

Praise God! Thank God!


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