Moon caught in a net of branches

One night I went for a walk
And saw the moon caught in a net
Of branches, her hair spread
Across the sky and spilling
On the pavement in a fall
Of palest gold. I set her free
And cradled her in my arms
As I brought her home.

Those first days everything shone.
Her light, more delicate than the rays
Of the strident sun, transformed grass,
Facades of buildings, weary faces,
To soft beauty. In my dreams
I swam in her radiance as in
Deep pools in shadowy caves.

Then she changed. Her face darkened
And her light grew murky, like
Stale cheese. She withdrew, sullen.
I forgot! She rules the tides
That charge to passionate fullness
Upon the beach and recede
Leaving tidal pools in their wake.

Nets of branches cannot hold her.
One night she stole away under cloak
Of cloud to sail the night sky,
Leaving me with shards of silvery gold.
When I hold them up, gaze at them,
The world shimmers anew with her glow.
Sometimes I clutch them so tight
My hands bleed and I blink back tears.


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