Another chance, please

In so many ways we let ourselves be deceived

We shun your love and betray you again and again

Yet the truth is we need you and your redeeming embrace

Let us again learn to love you

We pray from the depths of our hearts

The longing, the yearning for truth is never quenched

The restless soul will remain so until it finds once again

Quiet and peaceful solace in you

In thousands of meaningless and senseless ways

We let ourselves get distracted

We spurn your love, forgetting once more

 Those times when we had cried and you had come to us 

What ingrates we are, spurning your love

Acting as if we could live without you

We destroy our very selves

Where is the Good News, we ask

Lord, forgive us once again

We are always running away to amuse ourselves

The wild amusements of the world entertain us

Titillating our senses in a million ways

Sucking us dry, leaving us more hungry and thirsty than ever before

Yes, we allow ourselves to be deceived in more ways than one

But by your grace we can turn once more to you

Like prodigal children

Like lost sheep

We hear once more your call

That we return, that we return

So here we are once again

And in your redeeming love

Love unfailing, love unconditional

We find consolation and healing

Oh Lord Jesus, the Way, the Life and the Truth

Let us begin once again!





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