A great vacation

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Liberated. Emancipated. Uninhibited. Uncontrolled. Unbounded. Unrestrained. In total abandonment and freedom to live as a child of God, full of trust and confidence.  These are words I could use to describe a part of my rich experiences in my recent vacation with the Lord.  

Exhorted to have a good balance of three items for a start – REST, EXERCISE and PRAYER- I was only too happy to obey the Retreat Director, Praise the Lord! He said that all three components were important and that when one gave attention to one’s bodily needs, for example, one was really respecting oneself, and that was also showing respect to our Creator God.

Encouraged to pray in different ways as led by the Spirit, I really loved being there.  Walking the Labyrinth. Genuflecting. Kneeling before the Blessed Sacrament. Sitting in silence. Making the Stations of the Cross. Eating. Drinking. Walking. Running. Jumping. And I would like to say that I prayed a lot.

It was not difficult to find God in all things. The squirrels showed me how to have fun in life. Just the sight of one would bring a smile to my face, and how I loved watching them. I saw a baby squirrel too. Really tiny, but perfectly formed. The squirrels were a joy to behold and they often would take courage to come right  down, as shown in the photograph. No one would be able to catch them, though, as they are really so very agile, so very energetic.

I thank and praise God for my senses! Praise God for my ability to enjoy the birds when they sing at all times of the day. If it was not this bird, it was that one and yet another one. I was told that they number more than a hundred species in that region, and so you can imagine the kinds of singing. one could really listen to.  Loud and clear. Sweet and melodious. Chirpy and low. One could hear them all, and each time one heard a tune, one could be sure that not too far away, another bird would sing the same tune back. It seems such fun, one bird singing and another responding. Almost like two love birds serenading to one another.

And there were the rabbits too. Young ones – nine white and one black- with about seven large ones. They were so friendly, and I had such fun feeding them. It was by chance that I saw one of the rabbits eating a flower that had fallen off. From then on, I would simply pick them for the rabbits.  I was thrilled when I saw how they would come running, as if to allow me to pat them on their head. I could see them  most of the time, and they would be having lots of fun.

And the one that loves to simply sprawl all over with its while fur totally stretched across the lawn was our favourite rabbit. This one would seem to say to us: Relax! You are here on a great vacation. Relax!

And on the last day I was treated to a catching game that four rabbits played before my very eyes. One would run, and the other would chase. Another would run and the fourth one would give chase. Suddenly they would all be running almost in a circle while I laughed out loud. Praise God! If I had been a rabbit I would be running around with them too.

But I am a child of God, loved and cherished

I am a child of God, in love with her Creator God

I am a child of God, grateful for the blessings so generously  bestowed and so freely given me

How can I ever be able to thank God for His goodness?

And so the only way is to be the free child He has meant me to be.



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