Surprising visitors

Five young monks sat in a row, all on the same pew

All spectators watching the proceedings of holy Mass

Five young monks trying hard to make sense

Of sacred mysteries only the Spirit of God can reveal

I sit at Mass only a short distance away

I pray, I ponder and I am filled with wonder

Lord, what can these young visitors make of it all?

Even believers fail to grasp the full significance of holy Mass

Still, it is fine and I pray for their conversion

Perhaps then they will understand a little more

When they come to accept Truth, whom you are, Lord

Thanks be to God

Teaching us how to be hospitable

Teaching us how to witness with love and patience

Totally surrendering all into your heart of love

Compassionate are you, dear Lord

Merciful and loving in every way

Praise God for our visitors

Five young monks came to visit our Lord today

This happened on a Sunday morning in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit, in Chiang Mai,  Thailand and I learnt that the previous week there had been even more of the young monks. They were silent. Not a word. They sat still in their bright saffron apparel and I saw one of them taking notes. I wonder what these young monks saw and what they were recording. But certainly many have sought Truth and found Him.


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